Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Next Time I Will Just Pack a Bikini and My Toothbrush

We got back last night. 10 days in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. What a vacation. Over a week of beautiful sights and sounds, delicious food, and nothing I really had to do but relax. I brought a pouch of art supplies and didn't unzip it once. I decided to turn my brain off and just drink in my surroundings.

We went on fantastic outings. We hiked up a waterfall at Dunns River Falls, zip-lined through a tropical forest at Mystic Mountain, snorkeled at James Bond Beach, and kissed dolphins at Dolphin Cove.

I enjoyed the adventures, but my favorite times were those spent reclining in a chair, listening to the sea, feeling the cool breezes, and talking with my family. Day after day of no expectations, no deadlines, no real responsibility, and no laundry made me realize how crowded my brain had become. I know some of those things will have to creep back in. We do need clean underwear. But how much of that clutter can stay gone?

As I think about the new year ahead, I hope I can keep a little bit of Jamaica in my mind every day. Peace and Love.


  1. turn your brain off?

    How many cocktails does it take and when will I know it's happened??

  2. ha! the word verif just called me a


    he he he

  3. On a dull January day in the UK this looks like paradise.

  4. Yeah, you shouldn't forget to bring your toothbrush every time you go on vacations like this. Anyway… I've never been there. I'm thinking of bringing the whole family there this summer. I know we'd have a great experience like what you had!

    Timothy Mclaney

  5. Every picture on your blog is like a chocolate sundae for my eyes.

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    1. Thank you Lily! What a wonderful compliment - especially for me - great lover of chocolate anything!