Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here We Go!

After much thought, I have decided on a creative theme for 2012. I am announcing it in a little video. Now... before you view this, please know that I already have a list of things I need to correct. But, I want to get things rolling and I know you all are a patient, forgiving, and very encouraging crew, so here goes.


Here's a closer look at my new logo.

I am in the process of purchasing Adobe Illustrator (another Rampin' Up goal) and am excited to make my logo look more professional. I am pretty nervous about trying to learn a new program, but my lack of digital art knowledge is keeping me from exploring so many creative interests.

As I announced, I am going to be delving into the details of the January / February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I have already purchased some of my supplies and am excited to share the results with you. Please feel free to comment and link back to projects on your own blogs! 


  1. Love your new logo! Reading your blog has inspired me to push myself to get my artwork out into the world. I would like to link back your posts/projects on my blog so, my friends can be inspired by you, too.

  2. Well done you.. I'll look forward to seeing what your scouring reveals..

  3. You absolutely ROCK Jenny. Really you do! I LOVE the video, you're a natural! I am inspired and impressed. Let me know if I can do anything with you/for you/ or side by side as you ramp up your crafty. I am all for this! P.S. I'm jealous of your vacation photos, winter has come to Maine!

  4. Loved hearing your voice and seeing you "live" on video, after corresponding via our blogs for awhile now! WOO HOO that you are Rampin Up Your Crafty...looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. :)