Saturday, January 28, 2012

Screen Printing. Kinda.

Another day of trying something new and learning from my experience (aka getting super frustrated.) It is just too bad that about 99% of my projects hold their greatest value in the education gained through the process. It would be nice if the end result actually held value as well. Do I hear whining? Am I whining? Ahhh! Poke me with a knitting needle.

Today's experience... tackling the printing project in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's  CPS article, "Find Your Voice."  I like this project because I get to carve rubber blocks. I could carve rubber blocks all day long. So soothing.

As I later discovered, it pays to think about the design before you start carving. If you are not wild about it, well... it has been carved, friends. So... some sort of jailbird design later, I have four separate layers carved and ready to ink up.

The only ink on hand? Black and hot pink. Not gonna work. A Saturday trip to the craft store is in order. Thankfully I hit a sale, but had to cross my fingers that the colors would work since the packaging was sealed up tighter than lunchmeat.

Once home, the printing went speedy quick. I tried my new inks on lots of different papers. Not thrilled with the chalky colors nor the rather dull design.

But lets talk about the positives.

One day a cool design will come to me. On that day, I will carve new stamps and perhaps treat myself to a new brighter set of inks. On that day, I will be thankful for the education experience of today. Right?


  1. I would be thrilled if I had created these images,and I really like the colours.

  2. Aw. Thanks Mary. They are growing on me!

  3. Great stamps! I also liked your video. I just picked up that magazine the other day and for sure it is very colorful!

  4. Oooh...I like the images, hope you kept them! Looks like great fun. I enjoyed catching up with your blog and following along with your creative explorations. You are super talented, my dear!

  5. The CPS article was inspired and your design works really well! Will be interesting to see where the process takes you next time!