Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Promptly Get Busy Making Something

"Look at art from a different culture, and then dive into your sketchbook." This was a prompt submitted by Anne Donaghy in the Cloth Paper Scissors article, "A Year of Art Prompts" by Belinda Spiwak & Friends. I never use art prompts because I never feel like I need them. My head is always full of projects and lists of techniques I want to try. But, in the spirit of Rampin' Up My Crafty, I decided to look through the list and pick one.

I enjoyed a few minutes of inspiration from a little coffee table book (impulse buy #999) called Light of India, a Conflagration of Indian Matchbook Art by Warren Dotz. The book is filled with brightly colored monkeys, elephants, religious imagery, and all kinds of scenes from India. I made some doodles and created a picture that combined some of my favorite elements. Then I had to get my markers and fill the sketch with color and the bold black outlines I had seen in my book.

The end result was something unexpected and delightful. I am not sure how I will use this image, or if I ever will. But something tells me I will find ways to put a bit of India into more of my artwork. How can't that be wonderful?

I will be coming back to this list of prompts and sharing new creations with you as I go. If you want to try a prompt and see what happens in your artwork, you can download the CPS list for free. What images and ideas are waiting?


  1. Your piece is beautiful. The colours are so bright and full of joy! Very nice. I'm going to take a look at that list of prompts and see what comes out.


  2. Wow, how interesting and what a well drawn figure. I love the face/hair and wings.

  3. mm.. CPS does churn out some good stuff, maybe I do prompts too... loosen up..loosen up.... like yoga for journals..