Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2: What Are You Saving That For?

I love old children's books. Especially discarded library books. The smell of the discolored paper. The beat up binding. The little "due date" pocket on the back page. The charming illustrations and type are perfect for collage and decoupage. However, there is a librarian that lives in my head and her eyebrows are raised over her spectacles when she realizes my plan to desecrate a book.
So the books gather.

A few thoughts come to mind.
1) Piled-up books take up space.
2) Sitting on the couch all day would easily accommodate paper-cutting.
3) It would be handy to have a stockpile of images readily available for craft projects.  


With my pointiest scissors, I will cull the coolest and cutest images. Let the librarian put her hands on her hips and huff at me.

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