Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 5: Add Another Layer

Right now, my paintings are all about layers and textures. I like to collage objects, papers, fabric scraps, and anything else that will stick to the surface of the canvas. Then I sand everything down and add more. It is an interesting process. I feel excitement as I add the pieces, then nervousness and sadness as I paint over them, then excitement again as I sand the whole piece. New colors, textures, and images pop through. I add another layer. At some point, I feel like the piece is finished and I stop. This is a new process for me and very experimental, but it feels right for now so I am going to keep working in this direction for a little while.

Today I am going to add another layer to this piece. I am sad about it because I love the pastel and neon colors. But this is only layer one!

When I created this layer, I added painted tissue papers and bits of trash. I didn't think too much as I went, just focused on creating texture and little diversions along the canvas.

This is actually a blob of wire covered with a piece of clear vinyl. I have no idea how this will pan out.

I like the sparklers box colors and graphics. Sparklers infuse fun, excitement, cheesiness, and a little bit of danger.

Time to add another layer of paint. I use acrylics. I would like to use oil because the end result is so beautiful. But oils are more expensive, are super messy, and take forever to dry.

I've decided to work in shades of red to cover the piece. I am thinking about rust and old metal signs.

I have covered the whole piece now and I feel uneasy about it, but tomorrow I will sand it and see if anything magical pops through.

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