Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eye Candy Art Journal

I was so excited to open my mailbox and see my January February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. One of my Facebook comments was published in the magazine.

Some pages from the journal...

Some of the magazine pics just happened to match the printed stories in the book. 

A white page can be quite intimidating. Writing over existing print feels secretive and more forgiving.

This is the inside back cover of the book. The card pocket, WITHDRAWN stamp, tape, and stained paper just adds to the charm and interest.

These pages make me think of fabulous wallpaper in Miami.

My favorite illustrations in the book. I know I am an adult, but I can't help it. I like little critters.


  1. I just found your blog after reading your description of your cocoon necklace on Cloth Paper Scissors blog. It sounds delightful. Any pictures of them??? Don't you love it when people "get" it???

  2. I do! I am so happy to receive your comment. You are my first non-relative/friend comment leaver! I was thinking I needed to take some pics of my cocoons. I will do it and post them here. Thanks again for visiting!