Sunday, December 12, 2010

Confessions of a Craft Supply Junky

December is here and I find myself stuck at home after a hysterectomy. Between naps, I'm reading books, flipping through magazines, and watching movies that no one else will watch with me. The result? Eye candy galore. My creative juices are flowing like melted trans fat over a big tub of movie popcorn.
A few days ago, I felt adventurous and was able to take stairs. I went into my basement studio to see if there might be a tiny project I could start or finish. My stomach sank as I looked into a room that might be featured on Hoarders. I need an intervention.
I promise all family pets are accounted for.

The problem is trifold. 1) I accept other people's craft "donations," 2) I love to buy new supplies, and 3) I keep anything that could be collaged, painted, or sewn (roughly anything that will not rot or attract wildlife.) The problem: I feel trapped creatively.
At least I've got some bin action!

The only solution: Craft My Way Out (or CraMWO)

Here are the rules of CraMWO:
1) No new supplies. I am allowed to replenish the basics such as matte gel medium or black thread. But no new fabric or paper or gadgets!
2) No trip to JoAnn's, Michael's, or Blick without a list of specific items (see stipulations in Number 1.)
Stay tuned and wish me luck as I wade through years of  "treasures."





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