Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 3: Make Some Gifties

With only a week left until Christmas, I decided to make some gifties for my friends at work. I work at an elementary school. Although there are a few men sprinkled here and there, the majority of my co-workers are women. I love it. I've worked in all kinds of environments and I have enjoyed aspects of every one, but none have fit me better than an elementary school. It is filled with creative people who love children. Most also love puppies and kittens and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. I digress...
The goal for today is to create some gifties for my group of coworkers. Let's see what supplies are at hand. Small flat wooden shapes, magnets, paint, background papers, matte gel medium, gloss medium & varnish, fabulous paper images (see day 2), and the always entertaining GLITTER! I will be making decoupage magnets. Who doesn't need a magnet?

Step 1: Play with the designs and select background papers and images.
Old book pages, maps, music, and dictionaries make interesting backgrounds.

It feels a bit magical to find existing print that works perfectly with an image.

Step 2:  Sand and paint the wooden shapes.


Step 3: Adhere all the papers and images with matte gel medium.
I love this sleeping cowboy! I like to imagine him dreaming about trigonometry.


Step 5: Coat each piece with gloss medium & varnish.

Step 6:  Glue a magnet button on the back. I use E-6000 glue for super strong adhesion.

Step 7: Enjoy your pretties while they dry!

Mr. Czardine

I want to keep them!    

Hmmm...Now to decide who will get which magnet. 

Next creative endeavor: How to wrap these delicious treats. I'm thinking tulle, tissue, and sparkly trim!

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