Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 8: Remember, Magical Craftiness Will Not Happen Every Day

The day got off to a rough start. A morning of wrapping Christmas presents while watching Celebrity Rehab on VH1. Why did I do this? I rarely watch junk TV. I try to be careful about what goes into this impressionable brain of mine. Whenever possible, I watch something educational. I really do! Well, in some state of weakness, I decided to watch some smut.
Once I watched the smut, I think my inner crafty queen just went back to bed. I couldn't summon her powers today. Oh I made something alright. But I felt frustration at every turn and am disappointed with the result.
Here's the painful recap.
Today I decided to decorate an old ugly clipboard. I gathered some pretty papers, the paper cutter, my corner rounder, spray adhesive, acrylic paint, a purple paint pen, and gloss medium & varnish.

I trimmed the papers and rounded the corners.

I painted the front side of the clipboard to match the yellow in the paper and I used my old purple paint pen to color the edges and the metal parts of the clipboard. This was my first mistake. The paint pen pooped out on me midway through the metal. You can't tell from the pictures, but the metal part looks gloppy in person - a lot like my 8 year old colored it with her crayola markers. But with paint pen on metal, there is no going back.

Next I used spray adhesive to stick the papers to the front and back of the clipboard. Looking smooth so far. But no... I decided to add a layer of varnish to the front and back. Then the papers puckered.

At this point, I just propped it up to dry and decided to close up shop. Today was not my day.

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